Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg – a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation

Capital Campaign: A New Home for Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg

RBH is now in a permanent home thanks to the many, many kind and generous donors to our Capital Campaign. By August 2019 sufficient funds were in the Campaign account to purchase a 10,000 sq ft. older warehouse at 1722 Chestnut Street in Harrisburg

Click to see a Google map of our new location.

But now the work REALLY  begins for the Final Campaign PHASE: 
Renovating and Outfitting our New Home!!

Because our new home was seriously neglected for many years, we needed to put on a new roof membrane. Now we need to demolish interior walls (drywall and old wooden studs) and put in new walls and ceilings. Our volunteer staff is busy with that right now.  But we ALSO have to build two new bathrooms to meet ADA requirements; upgrade the plumbing, electrical and lighting; paint the warehouse roof trusses, ceiling and walls; clean and coat the warehouse floor; install new LED lighting; secure steel warehouse racks for parts, bicycles, tires and wheels, and acquire a security system with cameras, etc., to protect the investment of so many generous donors.  We estimate the cost of the renovation at not less than $120,000.  

We DEFINITELY need your help in many, many ways – even more than before. Accordingly we are extending our Capital Campaign in a second and final phase up to a Phase 1 + 2 total of $270,000.

To lead our 2019 Campaign Matching Challenge a number of leadership donors are challenging us: they’ll give us a dollar for every dollar we raise!  Go to our Donations page and please be generous!

**  Please Contribute to Renovating our new Home! **