Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg – a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation

2019 – Present

Bike Shop #5 – The LAST one we hope!  October 2019

In mid-2019 our temporary home on Atlas Street was sold to a contractor in a tax auction so we had to move out in mid-September. This move-out was be our last one!  Our Directors closed on the purchase in early October of an older 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse at 1722 Chestnut Street in Harrisburg. Its nearly ideal for us with plenty of room to grow!new RBH 2019 

As of late October we are cleaning and rehabilitating the space: putting on a new roof membrane, planning to add new LED lighting, and determining how to configure the space for an efficient operation.  We are also discussing putting an epoxy coating on the warehouse floor to make it easier to clean in the future; installing warehouse “rack systems” (like those at the local big-box hardware center) for bikes, wheels, tires and parts; and equipping the workspace area with formal workbenches, tool cabinets, etc.  But before we get to that – we have a bit of internal demolition and rehab to do on the inside. Our volunteers are busy removing a lot of wood, drywall, junk and the like.

And we are soon extending our Capital Campaign to make it all happen. As you might imagine, the purchase of “1722” has substantially depleted our campaign, and we have a LOT more yet to purchase for which we are actively seeking your financial support, your discounts, your contacts, your kind hearts, your gifts of your free time and your capable hands!!  If you can help, please contact Ross Willard.

We hope to have a grand opening sometime in the coming spring (2020). Stay tuned!

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